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"Hey! I just saved your life!"

Today let’s talk about safe thinking and choosing safety for all aspects of your life. Daily life has so many different situations, changes, ups and downs, risks, and dangers. But do you ever stop and reflect and say to yourself "man I could have killed myself using that rolling chair to get to the top shelf for those dog treats." Or maybe you were one of the unlucky ones sent to the hospital with avocado hand (yes this is a real thing)! If this is you thankfully you won’t be losing your hand but it could have been worse!

When it comes to safety it’s all about practice, the more you do it the more it becomes natural. Maxwell Maltz a plastic surgeon in the 1950’s began to notice in his patients it typically took them 21 days for them to get use to their new face. For those who had an amputation they would typically experience phantom pains for…you guessed it, 21 days.

Choosing to be safe is not only going to affect you it also affects those around you. That "HEY WATCH OUT," or the "LOOK OUT" you shouted just saved someone’s life. Whether you’re at home or on the job, these moments can and will happen but don’t walk away without a word of advice. Take the opportunity to teach and speak to the WHY. With safety most people don’t think what the end results could be and that it could in fact happen to them. It may seem pointless depending on who you're talking to but whether they admit it or not one day they may remember your advice when they need it most.

No matter who you are there is should always be an underlying reason for being safe. Being safe at home means you are more likely to take less days off of work to provide for yourself and your family. At work being safe means you can make it to the most important part of your day, HOME. We are safe because we want to enjoy life as we get older and into retirement. One day you will reap the benefits of making good safe choices when it matters most.

We hope that you choose safety first!

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