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Employee Benefits

At WSCO we want our employees to be successful not only in the workplace but in all areas. We believe the best quality of life is having the ability to flourish where you live, work, and play.


We have teamed up with Fifth Third Bank to provide various financial counseling services. (click here) We also provide referral services to employees as well as career counseling.  Please call our office at anytime if you would like more information about these opportunities.


WSCO offers employees holiday pay.  Employees must be on a long-term placement and work the day before and the day after the holiday in order to be eligible for pay.

     New Years Day

     Independence Day

     Thanksgiving Day

     Christmas Day


WSCO offers employees paid vacation after 1 year of service equivalent to the average amount of weekly hours worked in the previous year up to 40 hours.


WSCO offers insurance based on the specific assignment.  This benefit is available after 90 days of full-time employment.  These benefits include medical and supplemental insurance.


Employee Safety

Workhorse Staffing Company employs a dedicated safety coordinator to ensure all of our employees are working in a safe environment no matter what assignment they are on.  We conduct safety meetings and workplace safety audits regularly.

**The benefits listed above are a minimum description of benefits. 

The above list is subject to change at the discretion of Workhorse Staffing Company. 

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