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Top 5 to make a better "You"!

Top 5 Ways To Make a Bette You

10 hour work days, boss is bugging you, repetitive work... when is break again? These are the days of our lives and many times we find ourselves tired and ready to just get home! There's so many jobs, all with different hazards, and it's hard to stay focused and keep safety a priority. How can we keep it together? It starts before you even hit the time clock!

Fitness: When it comes to fitness, I am the first to say maybe tomorrow! But we all know that when we exercise, everything comes together... you feel better, your energy is up, and you're just happier. Pick an activity for 30 minutes that gets your heart rate up, even just a few times a week and watch what happens. Exercise helps to control weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and release stress. You don't have to work out to look like The Rock or The Hulk; but more power to ya if you do! You'll still feel the benefits of daily exercise at home and at work.

Sleep: It is so important to get into good sleep habits. Sleep is beyond crucial to getting your body and mind right for a good day at work. It rejuvenates your body and mind so they can perform at their highest levels. Try keeping the room cooler than normal at night 63 - 67 degrees is usually a good place to start (yes, 63 degrees! I'm kind of a polar bear). Also trying getting into relaxing bedtime rituals. Now this might make you say "Oh, he is Crazy!" but the truth is, don't watch TV in bed or even look at your cell phone. Bright lights before bed, or watching a movie that is going to make you feel like you could save the world if aliens ever showed up and tried to take your dog, does nothing to help you relax! The time before bed should be calm and separate from your daily activities without all that extra noise.

Hydration: Water is an essential element to your body, stay away form sugary drinks. Yes, even coffee can have dehydration affects on the body! Your body makes up to 60% of your bodyweight, so keeping it up is no easy task; but if done right it has some pretty awesome effects. Check with your doctor next time you're in and ask how much water you should be drinking. It may vary depending on your weight, but six to ten ounces a day is a good place to start. Drink up and enjoy a nice glass of water... you'll thank me later!

Nutrition: BBQ, Burgers, Tacos, Pancakes, fried anything... these are my favorites, no doubt! Eating is my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world, but eating the right things... not so much. Trust me, I know the struggles of having to grab a quick bite to eat which means getting that greasy burger that doesn't sit well with you the rest of the day. The best advise I can give you is to try and eat a variety of foods from each food group, along with portion control. Doing this provides energy for an active lifestyle, protects against disease, and helps to promote a sharp mind. They say you are what you eat, so do little adjustments to what goes in your body and reap the benefits of spreading the love to each of the food groups...including veggies!

Stress Management: Soooo we all have those "triggers" and recognizing the difference in what you can and can't control makes all the difference. Then you have to find a healthy release. What do you mean by "healthy release"? Here are a few healthy releases that can help reduce stress while on the job:

Write down some things that are bothering you. Yes, even jotting it down on a piece of paper or notepad gets it out of your head and helps you to understand what it is that is bothering you.

Talk with a friend. Laughing, crying, and being able to express anger to someone you trust is such a stress reliever!

We are all different, so try a variety of things to help you. Whatever you do, never hold it in to the point of boiling over! It's not worth the negativity or harm it could cause in your life.

These five habits can have a lasting effect for a longer, healthier, and safer life. So get out there and Move it, Rest up, Drink it, Grub right, and Relieve it. Most importantly, Have Fun!

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