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5 Reasons Staffing Agencies are great for Small Business'

Staffing Agencies are a great option for all companies, regardless of their size. Small businesses in particular may not necessarily see the value or think their size merits using a staffing agency but there are definitely some unique advantages to benefit from.

1. Risk: You will carry less liability for your business. Hiring a staffing agency and running your staff through them, puts the majority of the risk/liability for employees in their hands. They are fully insured and each employee is covered through workmen's comp, so you can rest assured your employees are fully taken care of in the event of an accident.

2. Start-Up Capital: We all know cash flow for a small business can be tight. Working with a staffing agency will also call for payment terms on your invoice i.e. payroll. These payment terms can range anywhere from 7-45 days. This means more operating capital in the short term for the small business owner to grow their company, while employees still get paid weekly.

3. Employee Benefits: A staffing agency has a higher number of employees due to multiple customers; this allows the benefits offered to your staff to be available at a lower cost because of access to large-group rates.

4. Efficiency: Recruiting qualified candidates can be a daunting task; the amount of time, energy, and money it takes to find, screen, and onboard new employees is substantial. Not to mention all of the HR details and keeping up with the ever-changing employment laws and regulations. You can avoid all of that by hiring a staffing agency to tackle the mountain for you which in turn allows you to focus on your company goals and growth.

5. Flexibility: Working with a staffing agency allows the small business owner to ramp their workforce up or down as needed without the additional time and cost. Having to find, lay-off, and hire or re-hire employees regularly can be a stressful task. An agency will not only handle all of this for you, but will also keep a database of your past and present staff as well as have future candidates available when you're ready for more!

If you are new to the world of staffing agencies and would like to learn more, take a few moments to watch this great video by Your Employment Solutions.

At Workhorse Staffing Company, we love partnering with business owners to help them realize their goals. We would be happy to come to your office for a free consultation and discuss how we can make a difference for you and your company.

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