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W S C O   S a f e t y  S e r v i c e s

In today’s workplace there are many dangers, seen and unseen. Workhorse Staffing Company is committed to making your place of business the safest place to work and succeed.

Whether you need to create and implement an entirely new safety policy or make a few changes to existing procedures, the Safety Division at WSCO has the knowledge and experience to take your company to the next level.

• Onsite safety evaluations

• Facility Audits

 • Create and provide a detailed safety program

• Training for all employees current or new

• OSHA safety training

• Job Hazard Analysis of all positions

• Safety plan tailored to your business based on analysis results

• CPR Classes - American Red Cross Certifications

                                         (For Classes Click here)

Joshua Valdez


OSHA  21-0079423


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